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bjorn belief

For the last 10 years, BJORN BELIEF have been at the forefront of quality tribute entertainment. The original members are still performing together and they promise a SLICK and PROFESSIONAL show, with a unique comical routine.

"Stunning show, the best I've seen!" David Warren

"Just loved you, the band is HOT! Even those who don't like ABBA at my party were blown away, Thank you so much" Lucy Cole

"ABBA-TASTIC! They sound like Abba, they look like Abba and they are enormous fun! ... A wonderful evening was had by everyone" Heidi Hardy, Arts Director

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BJORN BELIEF are an amazing 'live' band. Their show is just like a fabulous ROCK CONCERT and its been said that BELIEF is suspended after the first song that this isn't ABBA, transporting the audience to a different time and era.

TINA and LORRAINE are consummate singers who sound remarkably like the real thing, Their onstage chemistry delights the audience and soon has them laughing. They often ad lib and have such fun themselves that everyone is caught up in their 'high-wire' style.

ABBA is not an easy a gig as it looks, whilst dressing up is fun and part of the whole experience, it takes a proficient musician to play and excellent singers to sing the songs. This is because Benny and Bjorn wrote classic music that has stood the test of time.

No need for any more words, proof is in the sound (see below) and watching them 'live'.

We hope that you can see the love and attention we have put into our work and we guarantee that the audience and client will be rolling in the aisles one way or another!

Our professionalism from initial booking through to completion of gig is important to us, and coupled with a friendly manner, you will see why it is best to book BJORN BELIEF for your event.

We can supply:
  • A duo singing to playback.
  • 4 piece playing live to tracks from our own professional studios in Swansea
  • 5/6 piece with drums, bass
  • 10 piece for concert or festivals
  • Our equipment is of the highest quality –
  • Full Public Liability Insurance and PAT test.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Designed to suit most budgets, it costs nothing to ask! We can provide many extras
  • All comments are 100% genuine
  • While other bands diversify into 70's and 80's, this band have had no need to do the same as they have stuck to their guns and provide the BEST ABBA show in the UK

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Tina as Frida - "STOP!! in the name of the law" Lorraine as Agnetha - "oh my feet are hurting!" Tina & Lorraine with Paul Smith - "Pssst a number 58 with an onion bahji" Colin as Benny - "How does this work?" Peter as Bjorn - "3 wheels on my waggon..." Tina & Peter - "it's up there, yes... I think its Superman!" Spyke on kit - "impression of a hummingbird at an orchid" Tina & Lor & Peter - "Live long and prosper" The Band - "Don't worry I think I got the fly this time" Wyn as Bjorn - "The spare Bjorn. Or Bjorn a joke" Jimmy on bass - "ay up what time we going to the pub then?" Peter - "So Heisenberg's uncertainty princple..." Lorraine & Colin "What's going on here then.." Tina - "To be or not to be.." Tina and Lor - "Whatever Happened To Baby.." Lor & Peter -"Watch your wine glass!" Lor & Tina - "Struth!.. that geezer's got no strides on!"

This is what we sound and look like...

The Eagle

The Name Of The Game

Knowing You Knowing Me

Dancing Queen

Angel Eyes


Header images: Ken Mcdermott